Apios americana - Hopniss, Groundnut, Peavine Improved, ‘Blackmon’

Apios americana - Hopniss, Groundnut, Peavine Improved, ‘Blackmon’

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→ Available Fall/Winter

A thin, twining vine which emerges late in spring and dies back in September. Host to silver spotted skippers. Adaptable to a variety of soil conditions and can tolerate being waterlogged.

A choice edible and a staple of the Susquehannock People and other Indigenous Tribes. It is important to cook these tubers slowly for optimal digestibility. 

A nitrogen fixer. 

Grows 8-16’ in full sun to part shade, average to medium wet soil. Can be grown as a ground cover.

Plant 2-3” deep and mulch to inhibit weeds. Tuber is ready to harvest as early as mid summer.

Does not usually flower in our climate.

Source: local, improved 
Size: 5 tubers 


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