Levisticum officinale - Lovage
Levisticum officinale - Lovage
Levisticum officinale - Lovage

Levisticum officinale - Lovage

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Perennial celery substitute!

Lovage is a European perennial herb in the Apiaceae family, as is dill, fennel, carrot, and parsnip. The whole plant is edible from seed to root. The stems and leaves are commonly used as a celery substitute as part of a mirepoix and stocks and soups. Lovage has a more intense flavor than celery, so cut the amount that you would normally use, maybe by half. The young leaves are the least intense.

This plant is a host to the swallowtail caterpillar and all kinds of beneficial insects seem to be attracted to lovage. Makes for a good companion in orchard plantings.

☀ Grows in full to part sun in average soil to moist soil. Prefers sandy/loamy soil. Can get up to 5’ tall or more, and 4’ wide.
✿ Flower time: June-July
Size: 1.5 pt

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