Prunus americana - American Plum
Prunus americana - American Plum
Prunus americana - American Plum
Prunus americana - American Plum

Prunus americana - American Plum

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Those who plant this tree-like shrub will be thrice blessed with the heavenly scent and sight of the blooming flowers in spring followed by the abundance of sweet-tart fruits that begin to ripen in the last week of August.

The fruits are about the size of a large cherry. The skins soften and the fruit sweetens when left on the counter for a week or so after harvest. Yet, a distinct taste of the wild remains!

Jellies, fruit leather, wine, beer, vinegar...there are a number of delicious ways to preserve the abundance! Be careful of the long thorns the branches hold!

A bear to prune, but worth it. If planting for harvesting the fruits, they are best trained and trimmed like other fruit trees starting early on in development. Keep suckers away from the main trunk and establish good branch structure, as they can be prone to canker. Overall, these trees stay fruitful without much maintenance.

Somewhat shallow rooted, suckering habit, drought tolerant, adapted to a wide range of soil. Fast growing, reaching 8-10' in height and width. Hardy. Plant more than one. Thorny and suckering.

✔️ Juglone tolerant

Source: Naturalized seed grown
Size: 1 gal

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