Ribes nigrum - Black Currant, ‘Consort’
Ribes nigrum - Black Currant, ‘Consort’

Ribes nigrum - Black Currant, ‘Consort’

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‘Consort’ is a European variety of black currant and is musky with a hint of sweetness. Ideal for use in savory meat dishes, added to mixed berry wines or jams, or grown for your local wildlife.

Black currants are more shade and wet tolerant than other currants. Like all currants, they are shallow rooted and drought tolerant. Clusters of pea sized berries ripen in June/July.

‘Consort’, along with other varieties of Ribes, is an alternate host for white pine blister rust, so don't plant within a few hundred yards of a young stand of pines. For more information on WPBR, check out this article:

☀ Grows in full-part sun in average to moist soils. 3-4’ high and wide.
✔️ Self pollinating
✔️ Juglone tolerant

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