Ribes uva-crispa - Gooseberry - 'Hinnomaki Red'

Ribes uva-crispa - Gooseberry - 'Hinnomaki Red'

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Some of the tastiest fruits come from thorn-bearing plants, and gooseberry is no exception! This fruit is flavorful with a tartness that puckers the mouth, yet we always end up grabbing for more. Whether eaten fresh or simmered into jams, jellies, pies, or wine, it has been a favorite of palates for ages. North America and Europe each have native gooseberry species, but most cultivars come from European genetics.

Low maintenance. Plant 3-4' apart for production hedges or 4-5' in the perennial garden. Hardy to zones 3-7.

'Hinnomaki Red' is touted as being one of the sweetest varieties. Fruits are grape-sized but not fully ripe (and not as sweet) until extremely dark in color and come off easily from the stem, sometime around mid- to late-July.

Grows in full-part sun in average soils. 3-5’ high and wide.
✔️ Self pollinating
✔️ Juglone tolerant

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